Options include :

Canadian hemlock, Canadian red cedar

6mm coloured safety glass removed floor panel can be used for SAHA stove & Harvia round stove.

Control panel(705M)/1pc, control box/1pc; Speaker/2pcs, Fan/1pc, Sky lights(7 colors)/90pcs, MP3 player(with bluetooth)/1set, remote control/1pc; Bench(600mm)/2pcs, door handle (hemlock)/1set;

G140 Halogen radiator, Back: 4x300W(1200W); right side/1x300W (300W); left side/2x300W (600W);Calves: 3x300W(900W); Total: 10pcs, 3000Watt;

Sauna Stove (SAHA 6KW, built-in panel) & Rocks, Wood vent, Bucket & Ladle, Hour glass, THERMO-HYGROMETER. 5) With 2pin plug (Europe Standard), 220V~240V, 50HZ; Neutral Packing;

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