Bionizer Pool Guardian System

No Salt No Cholrine No Algie No storing Hazardous Chemicals & 50% saving on power


“The Healthiest, Safest, most Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Pool and Spa system – Guaranteed!”

A full Eco Pool Care System Bionizer has created a ‘Three-In-One’ Eco Bionizer Pool Care System which includes automated pH control, plus the exclusive pool oxidizer. This sophisticated system controls and times the pool pump and filter, while at the same automatically maintaining the water at a level of purity and clarity that will astound you.

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pool sanitation system


C.K. & N.K. Nalcorn Si Thammavat, Thailand

“The clarity and the softness of this body hugging water is making you simply feel like in Nirvana.”

Chlorine-Free Pure Water Technology

A Healthy, Low-Chemical, Low Power Cost Alternative To Chlorine & Salt Pools

Swim in chlorine-free, drinking quality pool water!
Easy maintenance, RELIABLE system, 5 Year Warranty
SAVE $hundreds on annual pump costs
SAVE $hundreds on chemical costs
No more rusting pool surrounds from salt
No more chlorine allergies
Bionizer is in 24 countries from hotel pools to backyard pools.
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