Thierry and On January 21, 2019

Started Monday morning 7th January & finished installation at 3pm 9th January. Almost few months you installed our pool, and everyday i have very good time swimming in that clear blue water. We appreciated to work with you and your team, they are very friendly and we spent nice days with them.
That pool is easy to use and to take care . I will try to promote your company around me, just to thank you for the job you had done. Thank you very much..! Thierry and On | Nong Khai  080098853 | 0935584528

Mike Owner Chumpon Province December 18, 2018

Great Job! K. Mike M: 0993156848

Dana Weaver Phitsanulok, Thailand December 5, 2018

I am another satisfied customer! 

John Griffiths Si Sa Ket December 5, 2018

"Each morning I now wake up to the sight of the sun glistening off my new pool , a pool changes your life in Thailand . The pool is beautifully finished with a crystal effect built into the fiberglass. Once confirmed with Pool World, my order was delivered on-time with a quality flitering system . Their installation team where excellent installing the pool in 3 days with minimal disruption. I am a very happy customer! - JOHN GRIFFITHS |

Vidar Above Ground Emperor 6m October 12, 2018

" I have to say I am really happy with the pool. And it is so easy to clean! Thanks a lot you are the best" K. Vidar M: 0881818055  

K. Mike Ambasador 6m Pool October 12, 2018

K. Mike M: 0993156848

K. Flavion Ambassador 6m October 12, 2018

K. Flavion M: 0839982951

K. George Tahitian 12m Pool October 12, 2018

K. George M: 0926517165

K. Jacky Tahitian 12m Pool October 12, 2018

K. Jacky M: 0804409888

K. Sirirat Emperor 10m Pool October 12, 2018

K. Sirirat M: 0841155089

K. Noah Ambassador | 6m Coral Grey October 12, 2018

Ambassador | 6m Coral Grey K. Noah M: 0819823664

Pisan Emperor 6m Pool October 12, 2018

From start to finish. 4 Days & a half completion of install. K. Pisan M: 0814779195

Oon & K. Lee Emperor 6m Pool October 12, 2018

From start to finish. 4 Days & a half completion of install. K. Oon & K. Lee M: 0872008053

Kim & Noy 8m Centurion Pool October 12, 2018

From start to finish. 4 Days & a half completion of install. Kim & Noy M: 0879901321  

Mark of Phuket October 3, 2018

"Hi Rob! Thanks for the Great Job..! Started and finished on time. The team were fantastic. I will buy another pool soon for another project!" - March of Phuket Call for reference: 0993788526 - Sompit: 085023493

8m Centurion Pool October 3, 2018

"Great Pool & Excellent service!" - Happy Pool Owner Call for reference: 0923722260

Dick Chiang Rai August 30, 2018

"Fantastic job Rob and the team. Took 4 days and we were swimming. Well done!  Thanks again for our great pool and first rate service."
- Dick of Chiang Rai    Call for reference: ‭0800324319‬

Dana & Noi Phitsanulok, Thailand April 16, 2018

Thanks Rob, only started talking about this two weeks ago and now I have a finished product, the wife and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again. The cover is 6x8 thaiwatsadu 1400 bt. It will suffice for now. The only hiccup was that Piya was going to use the rock and sand, but I insisted on hincook and she got it. Feel free to put up what ever you like with #, we would be happy to recommend your product & installation service. 

Howard Perth, WA April 28, 2017

Hi Rob
Thanks for all the help with the pool 
Putting me on the right track
Much appreciated and the pool is great

Peter Waterschoot Bangkok April 19, 2017

We ordered an Ambassador pool (5.9mx2.3mx1.3m ) from Poolworld Thailand. They came on the date as they said and told me they would finish the pool in 5 to 6 days. Even though it rained for the first three days they still finished the pool on time from start to finish. We could not be happier with the pool and the Company.The Installation team did a great job. Well done POOLWORLD THAILAND. (A proud and satisfied customer not related to the company.) Mobile No.: 0917782807 

Rod and Sara Lai Mai Pim April 19, 2017

Great job 
The team were fantastic took all care to not make a mess and cleaned up too.
Whole job took 5 days start to swimming

Gary & Wan Chaiyaphum February 21, 2017

We couldn't be happier, from the time we placed the order for the Pool the people at Pool World were very professional and friendly, the pool was delivered on time and installed on time with minimal fuss, John who installed the Pool spoke English and he was a pleasure to deal with, Bob the Manager also arrived onsite to oversee the initial installation.Big thumbs up Guys my wife and children love it, i would fully recommend Pool World. Gary from Chaiyaphum. Mobile: 0954860929

Peter Waterschoot bangkok February 21, 2017

We ordered an Ambassador pool (5.9mx2.3mx1.3m) from Poolword Thailand. They came on the date they said and even though it rained for the first three days they still finished the pool on time about 5 to 6 days from start to finish.We could not be happier with the pool and the company. The installation team did a great job. Well done Poolword Thailand. Peter

Rodger Stark Pattaya February 21, 2017

Great product at the best price, exceptional service, couldn't be happier!

Dana Wilk Laem Mae Phim December 15, 2016

The installation was fast (6 days) and problem free. We love the pool. Low maintenance and have had no problems ( 1 year now). Would highly recommend this company!

Jan Rayong December 15, 2016

We first started with a modular pool, not from "poolworldthailand" but from another supplier. The instalment took 6 weeks and as from that moment we went through a nightmare during 15 months. That pool was leaking and we had to empty it at least 8 times. Finally we decided to replace it by a fiberglass pool from "poolworldthailand". The instalment took 4 days and our nightmare turned into a dream. Thank you! Email: janpharma@hotmail.com
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Terry Hua Hin April 5, 2015

This is one of the best things I have ever done as its so hot here.

Carlo and Joy Mahasarakan April 5, 2015

We love our pool & it was built in just 6 days


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