Emperor MK3


Emperor MK3 Pattaya | Installation completely finished in only 4 days… 

Dimensions: 10m x 4.35m x 1.3m D
Jacuzzi | Kiddie Pool: 2m x 4.35m x 0.8m D

Price includes: Pump, Filter, Cleaning equipment & Start Up Chemicals


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Is fiberglass pool a better choice than concrete pool?

Fibreglass pool is an environmentally friendly, fast to install, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and use far fewer chemicals than any other in-ground pool. If you love the idea of a swimming pool but are concerned about the cost of ownership or the hassle of taking care of a swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research and made it easy to compare a fibreglass pool to other in-ground swimming pools, which may help you decide that a fibreglass pool is affordable and ideal for your busy family.

Fiberglass Pool: The Right Way & Only Way to Install

  1. Mark out your pool and sit the top of the Coping no less than 20cm above the ground level (25 cm better).

    This will mean that nearly always the water level inside the pool will be higher than your ground level and this is what we want.

  2. Always over dig your pool hole about 5cm so that you can get your 8 to1 dry sand and cement mix down the side-sand.

    Dig out a 50cm x50cm x60cm deep hole where the skimmer will go. If your hole is too tight you wont be able to get it in there.

  3. Put a minimum 10cm of sand on the floor of the hole, if its full of rocks, etc.

    Clean them out best you can(rocks and stones are a big NO NO in the floor sand and the backfill around the sides rake all rocks and stones away from the excavation once it is done.

  4. Lower the pool in and check your levels on the 4 corners and measure each end to a wall or boundary.

    Make sure you have it in level continually checking as you fill the pool up remember what ever level you have will be the water level if its 5 cm out your water level will be 5cm out.

  5. Once the pool is in the hole, Pick a spot beside the skimmer box and get a 1.5m piece of 90mm stormwater pipe and putsome slots (holes) in it with a grinder about 30cm up form the bottom.

    Place it down into the hole and sit on the sand. Later you can cut this level with the concrete and put a cap on it so it becomes an inpection pipe.

  6. Now it’s in the Ground leveled up level start throwing some sand and cement around the sides to pack it in but no more than30 cm.

    Start filling the pool with water bringing the backfill and the water up together; not one at a time both at the same level. This will prevent the pool form bowing in or bowing out.

  7. Do not pack the backfill or wet it just throw it in .the hole ,the moisture in the air makes the sand and cement go off and forms a sandstone barrier against the wall protecting it from water build up.

    Must push under and pack or they will drop later and become drummy easiest way is to over-excavate  a little bit and join a 2m piece of 1.5 inch pvc into a T- piece and use it to push and pack under the steps and swim-out. You can wash it in and pack using a hose sparingly.

  8. Bring the Backfill and the water up together checking your levels on the way up.

    Although if you get to the skimmer box and its out of level there is nothing you can do unless you want to start again.

  9. Run your pipe from the skimmer to the pump to the filter and back to the two returns using sandpaper to rough up the male end and take the gloss off it.

    Use piping glue on both the male and female sections maybe 3 cm all around generously and push in firm.

  10.  Run the pipe from the skimmer to the pump and the filter and the salt system if you have one and back to the pool.

    Fill up the watre level to half way up the skimmer box and start forming up around the pool to do your concrete bond beam.

  11. The concrete bond-beam firstly go around the bottom of the coping and drill a 4 or 5mm hole into the coping every 60cm.

    Lay at least 6mm thick steel rio bars at 20cm intervals in the area you have formed up and put the cross bars very 20cm and tie the steel together.

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